OHA Bend Chapter
PO Box 6618,
Bend, OR 97708 

OHA Bend Chapter, PO Box 6618, Bend, OR 97708

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OHA Bend Chapter Work

Each year several projects and activities are organized and carried out that support our mission. As we define them and set dates we'll post information here. We encourage all members to come join us in the field. It is here we often make great friendships and get to give back to the resources that we are passionate about. Most of our projects take place during the summer months when the outdoor conditions and weather allow us to be most effective.

In 2017 the Bend Chapter:

1. Maintained and repaired 8 miles of fence supporting the Lava                Butte wildlife crossings under Hwy 97 including emergency repairs         in December when a vehicle accident wiped out over a 100 feet of             fence. 

2. Rebuilt a Walker Range Guzzler on the Gilchrist State Forest.

3.  Cleared several more acres of juniper on the ongoing                                   Flymon Project near Lake Billy Chinook in a one day effort as part        of a chainsaw certification class that all volunteer saw users are now        required to pass to use chainsaws on our National Forest projects.            Eleven saw users are now certified.

4 Maintained and repaired several guzzlers in the Big Summit area              on the Ochoco National Forest. 

5.  Held the 5th annual Youth and Family Fun Day event and                    another annual Youth Upland Bird Hunt.

6.  Provided 5 individual scholarships by way of the Beckley                             Scholarship program.

7.   Received a 2016 National Volunteers and Service                              Restoration Award for from the USFS National Office.