OHA Bend Chapter
PO Box 6618,
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OHA Bend Chapter, PO Box 6618, Bend, OR 97708

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Each year we organize several projects and activities that support our mission. As we define them and set dates we'll post information here. We encourage all members to come join us in the field. It is here we often make great friendships and get to give back to the resources that we are passionate about. Most of our project take place during the summer months when the outdoor conditions and weather allow us to be most effective.

Recent Projects:

Hwy 97 Deer Fence Maintenance

April 18 & 19, 2017


On April 18 Bend OHA members along with Nancy Breuner, Habitat Biologist for ODFW conducted a patrol/maintenance of the Deer/Elk Fence between Lava Butte and Sunriver Junction.  This was the first patrol for OHA members.


Overall the fence was in good condition.  Members removed small amounts of fallen tree debris which was hanging in the fence and about 4 smaller trees leaning over the fence but not yet on it were removed.  Trash was picked up along the route on the non-highway side of the fence.  A major breech in the fence was located on the East side between the tunnel and Sunriver Junction.  Recent logging in the area has taken place near the fence breech.  There was no indication that a tree had fallen over the fence and with the amount of wire damage and having a “T” post bent over it was felt that a piece of logging equipment had likely caused the problem.  Members did a temporary repair.

Chainsaw Certification Field Day - Flymon Project

On April 20 classroom training for the USFS chainsaw certification was provided to 20 OHA members in Bend by Ross Scrocca, OHA member and instructor for the training.  On May 13 the final portion of the chainsaw certification was conducted at the Flymon Project near Lake Billy Chinook.  Eleven OHA members became certified with a few becoming Class “B” operators which is needed in order for OHA to provide future training to our members.


Those receiving certification:


Greg Petsch, Bob Dixon, Eric Brown, Bill Herrick, Dale Putman, Bill Littlefield,

Rex Parks, Dennis Hungerford, Phill Derr,  John Bambe, and Rich Stutheit of the  Capitol Chapter.



Ross Scrocca   -           OHA Member and USFS Employee

Luke Garcia     -           USFS Rappeller and Chainsaw Instructor


Already certified and came to cut:


Monty Gregg – OHA Member,  USFS Wildlife Biologist and Flymon Project Coordinator

Hannah Scrocca & Josh Scrocca.  Both are Ross’s children (young adults) that were currently certified and have helped out at many OHA projects. 


Also swamper:  Michael Hungerford provided assistance.

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