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OHA Bend Chapter, PO Box 6618, Bend, OR 97708

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Each year we organize several projects and activities that support our mission. As we define them and set dates we'll post information here. We encourage all members to come join us in the field. It is here we often make great friendships and get to give back to the resources that we are passionate about. Most of our project take place during the summer months when the outdoor conditions and weather allow us to be most effective.

Recent Projects:

Providing OSP with Needed Anti-Poaching Equipment

Bend OHA recently purchased two items to help out the Fish & Wildlife Troopers with Oregon State Police at the LaPine Office.   Receiving the Armasight Night Vision and Reconyx camera is Greg Love who has been a Fish & Wildlife Trooper in the Bend area for several years.  Senior Trooper’s Greg Love, Darren Bean and James Hayes make up the OSP Fish & Wildlife contingent for Southern Deschutes County, Northern Klamath County and parts of Lake County.  They currently are putting to use these tools and others in attempts to catch or thwart the poachers that are known to prey on the large bucks this time of year during the rut.   Bend OHA appreciates the work that these three are doing in protecting Oregon’s wildlife.

Dry Corner Guzzler Rebuild


 L to R standing: Greg Petsch, Dick Masters, Randy Brabham, Erik Mighells (Tualatin Valley Chapter), Rich Stutheit (Capitol Chapter) & Fred Newton.  Kneeling L to R:  Eric Brown & Jim Mateski.

We had 8 volunteers for this project which took place on August 9.  Everybody drove over on August 8 except for Erik Mighells who was camping in the area and doing some scouting in preparation for the upcoming hunting season. The old apron was removed from the site and placed in the recycle dumpster at Rager.  Guzzler #6 was visited by Fred Newton and Jim Mateski this time with a level to set the apron at the proper angle.  Fred Newton was certain there was a tree that needed to be cut off the fence at Guzzler #8 so Greg Petsch, Rich Stutheit and I drove to the site.  Not a tree was found that needed to be removed however Rich did need a new tire after destroying one on the pine punji stick he drove over. 

 For the full story on this important project click on the following link: Dry Corner Build memo.

Crescent Elk Meadow Thinning

The weekend of July 8 – 9 was the 2nd annual campout on the Little Deschutes River near Two River North and Hwy 58 for Bend and Emerald Chapter members that once again came together to work on habitat improvement in a large wet elk calving meadow nearby.    A total of 10 members camped and on Saturday we saw the accumulation of 13 Bend Chapter members, 4 Emerald Chapter members and 6 USFS personnel conducting tree falling and brush piling in the meadow.  In 2015 OHA completed the project goal of clearing the meadow after several years of work however working with Joan Kittrell, USFS Wildlife Biologist at Crescent it was agreed that OHA could expand the project clearing out fingers that jutted out from the meadow along with widening the overall perimeter.  During our work day there were 13 chainsaws constantly downing trees with others using loppers to snip off the small Lodgepole pine trees and also stacking the cut up trees for future burning.  This year saw a dramatic increase in mosquitoes so those that had bug spray were very popular people.  The meadow was also very wet with most of the sawyers working in several inches of water.  It was rather rewarding to see so many people working hard despite the conditions and not one complaint was heard. 

During the weekend some OHA members found time to wet a fly on the Little Deschutes which was pretty hard to pass up since the river was a stone’s throw from our camping location.  Saturday evening our camping group went to Manley’s tavern at Crescent Lake Junction for their well known Chicken and Spuds.  The bonding between chapters has been very important with the sharing of ideas, learning new ways to do things and making friends.

Chapter members that participated:


Bob Dixon, Brian Gainer, Dick Masters, Steve James, Rod Adams, Randy Brabham, Joe Bentsen, Eric Brown, Nathan Orf, Bill Littlefield, Roger Points, John Bambe and Paul Miller.


  Tom Moniot, Tony Hilsendager, Mike Metzler and Jim Metzler


Flymon Project near Lake Billy Chinook


Saturday, May 7, 2016

 Today the Bend Chapter of OHA partnered with the Oregon Youth Challenge for our third year in a row in removing Juniper from a tract of USFS land near Lake Billy Chinook.  Previous to our arrival this year the remaining Juniper trees had already been fallen and our project was to limb the trees and make piles of stacked limbs.  We are fortunate to have the relationship that we have with the Oregon Youth Challenge as those cadets worked hard today and never complained.  They are a pleasure to be around. Pictured in the group photo: OHA members Ross and Hannah Scrocca, Bob Dixon, Joe Bentson, Greg Petsch and Eric Brown and the Oregon Youth Challenge crew.  Monty Gregg also present is taking the picture.  Today 119 hours of combined time was spent towards this project.  We normally have a few more OHA members at this project however there were several today helping out with the Hunter Education Field Day.  Bend OHA was represented well across Central Oregon today. 

 For more pictures of the Flymon project see our Photo Gallery



Sunday April 3, 2016

A bitterbrush seed planting project was completed off Barr Road at the South end of Cline Buttes.  11 OHA members/family and 14 Oregon Youth Challenge young adults participated in this project walking nearly 4 miles during the seed planting.  Along with the OYC in the picture is Rod Adams, Nancy Doran, Greg Petsch, Fred Newton, Roger Points and Bill Littlefield with his daughters Kenna, and Bryn.  Not in the picture but participated is Steve and Maggie Wilcox and Eric Brown.  100 hours of combined effort was put into this project.   

For more pictures of the Cline Buttes project see our Photo Gallery

Crawford Juniper Clearing

Friday, June 10, 2016, OHA Bend Chapter members and fourteen Oregon Youth Challenge students spent the morning cutting and piling junipers on the Crawford Ranch that is used by the Chapter for it’s fall Youth Upland Bird Hunt. Clearing these trees will allow Mr. Crawford to disc and plant more game bird friendly crops. It will also enhance the huntability of the ground. Kevin Borst, Dale Putman, John Bambe, Leo Parsons, and Ross Scrocca brought saws and were assigned two to three OYC students each who piled the junipers for later burning.

 For more pictures of the Crawford Juniper Clearing project see our Photo Gallery.


Ochoco Multi Chapter Projects

June 26, 2016

Members of the Bend, Capital, Ochoco and Tualatin Valley Chapters of OHA finished a week of projects in the Ochocos.  Members started showing up at Sugar Creek Campground near the old Rager Ranger Station last Sunday, June 19th.  Throughout the week members present divided up and started working on several projects throughout the eastern portion of the Ochocos.  Buck and Pole fence’s previously built by chapter members that protect Aspen stands were repaired along with wire fence lines protecting springs.  Twelve Guzzlers that Bend members maintain were all checked with several needing wire repair and tree removal.  One guzzler was destroyed by last year’s fire and another was partially burnt.  Our main project was on Saturday at Mud Springs Campground where there is a wet meadow adjacent to the campground.  The wire fence protecting and surrounding the meadow was in poor condition and much of it was taken down and re-built.  On Saturday alone 25 Chapter members completed 175 hours of work in rebuilding the fence line.  Saturday night was the annual potluck with Rich Stutheit from Capital Chapter treating everybody to a tasty BBQ steak.  This potluck is one for the books and the picture above leaves nothing to the imagination.  After the dinner we had a raffle with the top prize of a pair of Vortex 10 x 32 Binoculars going to Mary Petsch.  Randy Brabham (first timer to this event) received the second prize which was a CRKT fixed blade knife with the OHA logo on the blade.  Fred Newton won the 50 rounds of .223 and Cody Taylor received an Oregon State Police Fish & Wildlife belt buckle.  Eric Mighells received the can of Mosquito spray which fortunately was not needed on the trip and Dick Master took home a NRA hat and bag.  While in the field one member reported seeing two Cougars sparring stating it was a bad time to not have a rifle.  Others saw Elk calves, Antelope fawns and much much more.  Thank you to all that made this work party a successful one. 

Eric Brown, Bend Project Coordinator.

 For more pictures of the Ochoco projects see our Photo Gallery

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